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A wax studio

This is my boss, Susan Wallis, who is an awesome encautic artist here in the TO! Before meeting Sue I didn't even know what encaustic art was, let alone what I was getting myself in to! LOL! But I'm so glad I did, and Sue introduced me to a whole new way of painting, and helped to really let go of my perfectionism when doing art. Encaustic art uses molten wax, mixed with oil pigmets and then painted onto a board or paper or canvus... It's really quite fluid in nature and it kinda forces you to let yourself go a bit and just have fun! With layer after layer of hot wax, Sue then scrapes off or melts areas to create a desired effect. She's most known for her birches and beautiful landscapes, but she's got tons more up her sleeve. Anyway I really am inspired by her work and consider myself hugely lucky to have landed this gig!

If you're in the Oakville area, Susan is having a solo show at Towne Square Gallery March 27 – April 11. It's worth checking out!

Towne Square Gallery in located 94 George Street, Downtown Oakville, Ontario, TEL. 905.618.0277


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i would LOVE to own one of her big pieces...one dayyy

March 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSandi

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